Dog Sniffer Explosive Detection Training Courses

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Ci Secure UK Irelan K9 Dogs Detection Security Protection Provider

Today, use of dogs for detection work, both in police and military and even on a commercial level, has become common globally. It is believed by many organizations that using a trained detection dog can increase the value of their work. Several detection dog training schools are there that offers different programs that aim to teach dogs the fundamental skills required to be a successful dog sniffer.

A detection dog or sniffer dog is trained to use its senses to detect substances like explosives, illegal drugs, wildlife scat, blood, contraband, and currency electronics like illicit mobile phones. Dogs sniffer explosives like they smell any other thing. When dogs sniff, it reshapes their nose so that air, including odors from the bomb, hit their odor receptors. The signal travels from their nose to somatosensory cortex, an area of the dog brain that processes sensations, including smells. Dogs then interpret the smell; and will decide that they had smelled an explosive, by doing the bomb’s odor signature. C-4, a plastic explosive, the signature includes which odors are in it, their ratios and, possibly, whether C-4 tickled a nerve in dog’s nose called the trigeminal. Since the trained dogs smelled C-4 many times, they would remember its signature and know to sit when they smelled it. The average time span for dogs to learn the basics of sniffing for bombs is in between two and four months. To ensure the sharpness of their skills, they are gone through testing and retraining throughout their entire careers. Each training school has its own training program and style.

Organized crimes and terrorism are interlinked with each other. Ci Secure Sniffer Explosive Detection Training Courses provides a proactive solution to counter any terror activities like explosions etc., at events, in business premises, homes, universities and schools to create safer environments. Since many companies and organizations face security challenges, Ci Secure aims to overcome these challenges through bomb search sniffer dogs by providing CI Secure Dog Sniffer bomb Detection Training Courses that aids in handling the security concerns to the highest standard in order to ensure that such trained dogs are versatile, efficient and effective at what they do best.

Detection Dog Bomb Training Courses enables security organizations to train dogs for the optimal solution for merchandise and vehicle screening offering high mobility, security, flexibility and cost efficiency. They provide a remarkable solution for a quick screening process, potent response to large and dense items, and items that can not go through X-ray machines. Such sniffer dogs are ideal for checkpoint operations and are commonly used at sensitive border crossing stations.

Ci Secure Explosive bomb search courses are carried out under the supervision of dog handlers that are trained search advisors from a Police or Military background. They are experienced working in a wide range of environments. All Sniffer Handlers and dogs are trained and recognized according to the standards set by Regional Police Dog Training School that includes initial, refresher and continuation training to ensure high performance of sniffer dogs and handlers.

Different training agencies mostly use these breeds for bomb-sniffing, as per Greg Soule with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA): German shepherd; a Belgian shepherd called a Malinois; Vizsla, also known as a Hungarian pointer; and Labrador retriever. These four breeds represent more than just good noses; they smell well; they remain calm in crowds and around strangers, and they like to play since playing is important because dogs understand their work as play; a daily “find the explosive” game. 

These trained sniffer dogs become a part of the security forces and develop close ties with their handlers. These dogs are also shot dead during some serious detection and rescue operations along with their other team members and are given same tribute and protocol just like any police or military force member.

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